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XAMPP Download For Windows Latest Version

XAMPP Download For Windows Latest Version
XAMPP Download For Windows Latest Version

XAMPP Download For Windows Latest Version - XAMPP Download For Windows Latest Version is a web application server cross-platform free and open source app developed by Apache Friends. This application becomes one of the applications that must be owned by the web programmer because they can design your website in a local server more freely before releasing it to the public.

Name XAMPP is an abbreviation of the word Cross-Platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. Actually, there are many options for web application servers that we can use, but a lot of people prefer XAMPP.

Because XAMPP has a variety of advantages that can facilitate the programmer when designing a website. Lightweight and simple are one of the reasons many people are choosing to use XAMPP to create a local server.

The functions of XAMPP

Application Program XAMPP serves as the local server is to administer various types of data a website is in the process of development. In practice, XAMPP can be used to test the performance of the feature or display such content on the website to other people without having to be connected to the internet, simply access through the Xampp control panel, or the term of the website offline.

XAMPP works offline right web hosting but can't be accessed by many people. Therefore, XAMPP is usually widely used by students and the student to see the results of a web design before finally being created online using web hosting commonly sold in the market.

Important parts in XAMPP

  • htdocs: is the name of a folder part of XAMPP that serves to store a variety of files and documents that will be displayed into the website. Storage capacity in the menu htdocs itself depends on the hard drive installed in a computer device
  • Control Panel: As the name suggests, the Control Panel gives us access to more flexibility in the set up a database, upload a file, or setting more detail related to the innards of the website. From inside the Control Panel we can also set the stop and star app XAMPP in order not to burden the performance of your computer.
  • PhpMyAdmin: Same as the function of PhpMyAdmin on your web hosting verily, the role of PhpMyAdmin in an XAMPP is also plotted as a regulator of the MySQL configuration. To open phpMyAdmin in XAMPP how You can directly type in the URL http://localhost/phpMyAdmin


The Database Storage Engine is widely used by programmers especially by web developers because it is free. For the expert there are already paid for. His ability can already be reliable, have enough capacity capable of about 60,000 a table with the number of records reaching even to the latest already is.

Data security is quite safe, although not as good as Postgre moreover, Oracle. The Engine is multi-platform so can be applied in a variety of operating systems. My SQL suitable to be applied to a class of small and medium-sized businesses. This engine is its speed.


Not suitable for dealing with data with a large amount, good for storing data and processing the data. Has the limited ability of the performance on the server when the data is being stored has exceeded the maximum limit of the ability of the capacity of the server because it does not apply the concept of Technology In.

The End Of The Word

This article related to the understanding of XAMPP as one of the supporting software to help the learning process of beginner web developers.

  • XAMPP Download For Windows Latest Version
  • Publisher: Apache Friends
  • Version 8.0.3
  • Language: English
  • System Requirements: Windows
  • License: Freeware
  • File Size: 157Mb

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