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Download Zoom Cloud Meeting Version 5.11.11 (8425) For Windows

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting Version 5.11.11 (8425) For Windows
Download Zoom Cloud Meeting Version 5.11.11 (8425) For Windows

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting Version 5.11.11 (8425) For Windows - On August 29, 2022, Zoom published Version 5.11.10 (8200), which was followed by Version 5.11.11 (8425) on September 6, 2022.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted practically every nation on earth. Where it is possible, businesses, organizations, and institutions must follow the WFH (Work from Home) policy. In order to limit the transmission of COVID-19, lessening social and physical interaction (Social Distancing) is being implemented. Employees and students must work from home according to WFH rules.

Video conferencing is the preferred option due to the lack of direct touch and face-to-face communication. Employees and students can connect, communicate, and have meetings and webinars using video conferencing, allowing work and activities to continue. This is a novel decision and culture that might be used both now and in the future, despite the various problems that arise.

There are many systems, both free and paid, that may be used to conduct video conferencing, including Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Teams, and others. Zoom is the most well-liked and frequently used since it offers more features and functions than the competition. Zoom Meeting includes capabilities like Zoom Room, Webinars, Recording, and Share Screen. Please see the following comprehension for additional information.

General Understanding of Zoom Meetings

Using cloud computing and 256-bit TLS encryption, Zoom's video conferencing service enables customers to converse online. The American corporation Zoom Video Communications, Inc., with its headquarters in San Jose, California, created Zoom. Eric Yuan, a former executive at Cisco Webex, started Zoom in 2011. The company went public in 2013.

Users of Zoom can communicate with one another, host meetings and webinars, chat, and participate in group discussions on a channel. Many companies and institutions throughout the world provide Zoom as a substitute for working and studying remotely. The Zoom service offers extensive support for a wide range of operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web Apps as well as extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome.

There are two choices for having talks on Zoom, both of which are free for meetings with up to 100 participants and a 40-minute time limit. Zoom offers needs that may be customized for users even though it is paid. The monthly cost, which ranges from $15 to $100, is really reasonable. In the course of its growth, Zoom's status as a business became a unicorn in 2017 with a valuation of $1 billion. Due to the COVID-19 viral epidemic that has spread across the globe since the start of 2020, the use of the Zoom service has kept growing.

Features of the Zoom 5.11.11 (8425) application

When utilizing Zoom, there are a few things to know and keep in mind. Numerous Zoom services have various purposes and requirements, such as Zoom meetings for on-demand meetings everywhere. By asking many people to participate, Zoom Webinar can meet the needs of Webinar Events on campuses, in schools, or in other institutions. Zoom Room offers more comprehensive features and tools for meetings in various spaces. These services all have the following fundamental characteristics.

1. Provide audio and video support

Naturally, Zoom enables HD (High Definition) Audio and Video as a video conference service. In a meeting, it is undoubtedly necessary to speak and be present in person, yet frequently users disable the audio and video to focus more on listening.

Due to limited internet quotas and the fact that many Indonesians are still in the lower middle class, the use of video features has decreased. Given that your internet allotment will fast be depleted the longer you use the video capability.

2. Display screen

Users occasionally need to present at meetings to outline the goal and aim. To make them easier to understand, most presentations take the form of PowerPoint (PPT) slides. Zoom actually offers this kind of capability, allowing users to use the Share Screen function.

Share Screen is what? Users can share computer screens, open documents, and data accessed online (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.) using the Zoom function called Share Screen in order to share a second camera. This feature is more than just a tool for document presentation.

3. Planning

An administrator can plan a meeting in advance before holding one. Users who will participate will be informed of this so they can prepare. The admin can choose the day and hour when creating a meeting schedule. The meeting time limit is currently 30 minutes to 14 hours. Admins can only set a time limit of up to 40 minutes for the free version; the premium version allows for a longer time limit.

4. Security

Speaking of security, 256-bit TLS encryption security technology will be used to encrypt all communications and data shared via Zoom. Many media outlets have reported that Zoom might be dangerous. Many issues have occurred, but Zoom keeps making advancements and changes to ensure that all services and features are secure to use.

5. Chat

When hosting meetings or webinars, Zoom also offers a chat tool so that users can communicate with one another. It's interesting to note that all talks are archived in history so users can access them again. Users can also upload documents, files, and screenshots. All files are kept on the server for a period of ten years, after which they are automatically erased.

6. Capturing

The admin can also record and store a meeting while it is being held. This function is crucial to allowing users to watch meetings again or to allow users who are unable to attend to still view them. Recording files are automatically stored on the computer, but administrators must pay to a premium plan, which can cost between $40 and $500 if users want to save to the cloud.

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Utilizing Zoom

after becoming familiar with the purpose and key elements of the Zoom program. Learn how to utilize Zoom on PCs and mobile devices. Please download the application from your local market shops if you use a smartphone. Please download Zoom Cloud Meeting  Version 5.11.11 (8425)  (64-bit) for users of computers (32-bit) Use the following link to access the application for Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 on the Zoom.us website:

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting Version 5.11.11 (8425) For Windows

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